At Go-Labs we emphasize delivered service quality, added to a reliable, modern, scalable and value-added proposition. No matter the project size or complexity, we will match it with the right tools to craft your idea into a reality.

We provide solutions custom fit to your needs

Web app

Your website should be more than just displayed content, it has a business logic and should reflect that. In this solution you’ll find: speed, reasonable prices and quality.

Mobile development

Users can access information on their mobile devices instantly and from anywhere. In a world where ease and speed is everything, your company must be accessible from a mobile device.

QA - Quality Assurance

From day one we start improving software quality and work alongside you every step of the way until we are sure of our path and correct it when needed.


Whether you need to further your teams reach by 1 or retain a small team that works within your internal team, Go-Labs has professionals at your disposal. Our expert project managers, engineers, and QA specialists, can meet your needs in a fast and secure way.


Your project or company deserves to be online! Let a professional team guide you to making a greater internet presence.

Everyday thousands of apps are used on smartphones, Go-Labs creates cross platform, iOS and Android applications. We also have experience developing on hybrid frameworks like PhoneGap and Ionic.

Go-Labs collaborates in diverse business areas







Go-Labs collaborates in diverse business areas



Real Estate


Social Media

Marketing and Advertising

We have software engineers widely capable in web concepts like Mobile First and Responsive Design. Let us analyze your app idea, create a proposal adapted to the actual market, and materialize your vision.

Our business models

Retainer Fee

This model sets a monthly fee that includes a software development team. The client has the ability to manage that team in order to seamlessly control the development process.

Fixed Bid

In this model, the software development service is contracted with a fixed price that covers all cost and resources for the project. This cost is based on the requirements specified by both the client and us.

Time and Material

In this model, the payment consists of a fixed cost per hour. This is best suited for projects where the time effort can´t be estimated in the requirement phase and the scope of some features may change during the development process.

How do we do it?

We work with the latest frontend and backend languages and technologies

Ruby on Rails