Success Stories

These are some of the clients who have enjoyed our services


The system developed for Agricenter® allows to the company make forecast of the sales for all their salesman located in USA, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Redis, AWS, Postgres, Nginx


This platform allows the centralization of process between different organizations who manage the electrification of some regions in Costa Rica. The platform has a module of real time monitoring and diagnostic of the state of hydroelectric generation plants, other module allows the automation of energy delivering and invoicing process. Also, this platform allow to send notifications and reminder to the user about events and the use of schedules for activities.

Technologies used: iOS, Android, Java, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQLServer, SignalR, IIS

Tierra Tica

Web platform with mobile apps who allow the automation of the employes payroll process and the recollection of crops in farms. The platform also allow the creation of work and production reports that make easier the decision making in the company.

Technologies used: Android, Laravel, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Postgres, AWS, Apache


BuildTools is a mobile construction management platform, accessible from anywhere. BuildTools serves as a hub for anyone involved in the construction or remodeling of a home. BuildTools allows you to manage all communication for your crew and subcontractors; making things like email, site photos, project schedule, budget, timesheets and more as easy as driving a nail.

Technologies used: iOS, Android, Java, iCloud integration, camera usage, Image anotations, push notifications, OwnCloud


Mobile platform that promotes loyalty fo the user with their favorite shops. BitBack allows to their users gain points in every purchase, these point can be accumulated and changed by more products. The app also allows the publication of promotions and discounts.

Technologies used: iOS, Android, Java, camera usage, push notifications, PHP, Lavavel, HTML, CSS, Postgres, AWS, Apache

Venta de Bienes Coocique

Website for the publication and promotion of houses and properties in sale from Coocique savings and credit cooperative.

Technologies used: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySql, Apache, Docker

Coocique Sitio web

Official website of Coocique, a saving and credit cooperative.

Technologies used: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySql, Apache, Docker

Cumplimiento de metas Banco Popular

Web platform for the establishment and accomplishment of goals for the credits sellers at Popular Bank in Costa Rica.

Technologies used: Laravel, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Postgres, AWS, Apache


TRACASA is a mobile app that allows to the user the visualization of bus routes, do the tracking of every bus in real time and the amount of minutes left of the bus according the user's current location.

Technologies used: iOS, Geolocalization, camera usage, push notifications,, rabbitmq, redis, realtime, IIS.


OpenContest is a system that manage the organization of programming contests. The admin users create math/logic related problems and teams compete to reach one of the first three positions. The system is capable of reviewing the solutions from the different teams automatically by executing a series of test cases automatically and without human intervention. Teams can solve problems with 8 different languages (Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl, Javascript, Java, C# and C++)

Technologies used: Ruby on rails, PHP, Python, Perl, Javascript, Java, C#, C++, HTML, CSS, Redis, Postgres, Nginx, Docker, Vue.js, Rspec, continuos integration.

Platform to manage the evaluation of University courses. It allows to notify students everytime an evaluation has been recorded and provides valuable information about students and profesors performance.

Technologies used: PHP, Postgres, Laravel, HTML, CSS, AWS, Apache

Stock management platform for Agricola Alba Jose, a company based in the North region of Costa Rica that produces and exports pineaple and other products.

Technologies used: PHP, Postgres, Laravel, HTML, CSS, AWS, Apache


Web application that allow managers to organize resources into projects.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Angular 2, Gitlab Pages, continuos integration, continuos delivery

Villa huetares

Official website of Villa Huetares, a beach hotel located in Playa Hermosa Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Technologies used: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySql, Apache, Docker

Be the Star

Be the Star is an app developed for EY (Ernst and Young) in Spain. It is used for the interaction between employees in social events organized by the company. This app has contests and votings where the employees can participate and share between them.

Technologies used: iOS, Android, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, Laravel, AWS, Apache


Web application that allows communication between Quickbooks online and the electronic invoice of the Ministry of Finance. Quicktun will be resposible for reporting your documents to the Ministry of Finance according to the electronic billing regulations. The application stores all data safely following the standards

Technologies used: PHP, Laravel, AWS, Postgres, Quickbooks API.