Go-labs ® is a software development company located in San Carlos, Costa Rica. It’s a provider of innovative solutions for national and international companies in countries such as the U.S., Spain, Ecuador, and Canada.



Quality in software solutions

High added value

From Costa Rica to the world

Costa Rica is the perfect place for agile software development in Latin America:

Ideal time zone

Due to being located in Central America, collaboration is done in real time, becoming less expensive by sharing similar time zones.

An exporting country

Costa Rica is the country with the highest exports of high technology in Latin America. We export software to Europe, Latin America, the United States and Asia.

Similar culture

Costa Rica is one of the countries with the largest bilingual population (English and Spanish) due to tourism.


Careers related to information and communication technologies are those with the highest labour demand.

Top quality connectivity

We have 100% connection through submarine optic fiber.

Costa Rica is the perfect location for agile software development. Application delivery is based not only on quality, but also on fast delivery. This is where Costa Rica’s location becomes an excellent asset, due to its perfect location for agile development.

Nearshore Benefits

  • Biodiversity - 5% of Earth
  • Population – 4.8 Million
  • Labor Force – 2.21 Million
  • Education - 7.36% of GDP
  • Healthcare – 9.9% of GDP
  • Density – 203.5 inhabitants per square mile
  • No army – Since 1949
  • Area – 51,000 square miles
  • Languages widely spoken – English & Spanish

From Costa Rica

World Class Software

Alejandro Hidalgo Software Engineer
Carlos Luis Rojas Aragonés Production Manager
Dennis Valverde Pacheco CEO
Christopher Aguilar Marín Software Engineer
Emmanuel Cerdas Montero Software Engineer
Ester Vargas Rueda QA Engineer
Gabriel Rojas Alfaro Software Engineer
Go-Labs info@go-labs.net Our Team
Jennifer Madrigal Villalobos Administrative Assistant
Jerson Arroyo Soto Software Engineer
Mario Acuña Paniagua Software Engineer
Sergio Araya Zúñiga Software Engineer
Juliana Campos Parajeles Intern